Sap – Innovations

Role - Animator

After setting up our corporation, Stripe Atlas has provided continual value to our team through the Stripe Atlas Community. They helped WorkClout get into YC by coaching us through the application and interview process—Stripe Atlas is truly an invaluable service to us.


Creative Direction – Jorge R. Canedo E.  Design – Stephen Kelleher, Gabriel Silveira, Nuria Boj, Haewon Shin. Animation – Greg Stewart, Ethan Demarest, Jonas Elsgaard, Victor Silva,Seth Eckert, Jose Peña,Jordan Bergren, Taylor J. Peters, Jorge R. Canedo E, Ameen Shahid.  Voice over – Megan Hensley. Script – Julie Rybarczyk  Music & Sfx – Ambrose Yu.  Production – Stefan Green